Saturday, August 4, 2012

Day + 9

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Today has been an up and down kind of day.  One that started early with Elena's midnight labs showing that her platelet and red cell counts had both fallen below low threshold  levels and that she would need transfusions.  Starting at 3:00 am, Elena was to receive 1 unit of platelets and 2 units of red blood.  This was all complicated when after the platelets, and during the first unit of blood, Elena started running a slight fever.  We were told that if her temp rose more than 1 degree during the transfusion, it would have to be stopped.  It rose .9 degrees.  Praise God!  

After a break to get in all of Elena's "normal" treatments, and deal with real bad nausea, the second unit of blood was given.  At one point during the morning, in pain and sick to her stomach, Elena lamented that "this is the worst day ever."  She said that she had never hurt so bad or felt so terrible in her whole life.  

Thankfully that was short lived.  Her day actually got progressively better after a visit from her doctors.  They told her that she was doing great and that they were taking her off of all but one of her morning and evening pills.  Another big praise!  Elena told them that what started out as a terrible day was turning into a good one!

The rest of the afternoon and evening continued to roller coaster up and down, but never to the degree of the morning.  Please pray for more good times than bad, for stamina and strength, and for the power and grace of our Lord and Savior to heal Elena's body completely!

In Him,
The Tates

"The God of all grace...will Himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast."  
1 Peter 5:10

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  1. Hello my brave Elena. I saw the video of the channel 11 story. You looked so beautiful. Your Mom Dad and Liv too. As the lady said at the end of the report, you are one very brave little girl and a special child of God. He will get you through this. I love you all, Rainey