Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day + 21

Sadly, it's been another so-so day.

Elena is achey and tired.  She wants to go home.  She has battled nausea most of the day.

Everything Elena has gone through has really taken its toll on her and her body. Due to needing platelets followed by Lasix the last three nights, Elena has had three sleepless nights.  Her white count is continuing to come in. She is up to .64 - praise God! The doctors say that this engraftment process can be the cause of the achiness and pain.  It could also be because an infection is brewing. There are no signs of that at this time- Elena has been fever free for four days now - more big praises!  Please pray that Elena continues to stay fever free. Another thing adding to Elena's continued fatigue is that her red blood counts are extremely low.  They have been hanging out right above the need for a transfusion mark for four days now. Please pray her body starts to produce more and more red blood cells and platelets. 

Elena did perk up around 6:00 tonight and enjoyed doing some sand art with Erica, one of the fabulous child life specialists here at Egleston.


We also had a really good first meeting with Elena's homebound teacher late this afternoon. We learned who her teachers are and a little about what she will be learning this year. Elena also received two assignments to complete by her next school session on Friday.  Her teacher also delivered cards from some of Elena's former teachers and an amazing bundle of gift cards from Elena's NGMS family! What a blessing!

We are ending our night with a fav nurse, Becca!
Happy, happy!
Our first day here was spent with Becca.
We have enjoyed several days and nights with her since!
We count her among our many blessings!

Thank you for continuing to pray for Elena's complete healing!
In Him,
The Tates

"Blessed be the Lord - day after day He carries us along." Psalm 68:19


  1. better a so so day than a low/bad day right?! and like your friend said you all are far from so so! Keep believing and find comfort in knowing how many friends and family are lifting you up! Love the sand art - how fun! Glad to hear the meeting with homebound teachers went well too! we love you!

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  2. Elena---My friend Erin is celebrating her 3rd anniversary of her bone marrow transplant today!! We are calling it her "transplantaversity"!! Stay strong! Picture yourself doing some BIG TIME sand art at the beach in the future!! Love you!!
    Lisa Fredericksen

  3. Elena. I pray you will be fever free, increase red blood counts, and be relieved from itching. I pray you will have a restful night.

  4. Lookin good kiddo! Praying counts keep coming up & that the acheness is a result of your body doing what is supposed to do. God is good & he loves you more than you can imagine.
    Hugs to all,
    Mrs. Karen I

  5. Elena, I am praying for you to be fever free, nausea free, pain free, and for your white blood cells to shoot up! I pray that you feel much better over the next couple of days. I love your sand art by the way! Totally cool!! ;) Hope to see you soon! Micah Veraart <3

  6. Hang in there sweetie, praying each day is a little better, and a little closer to coming home. Much Love, The Slater's

  7. I saw a story about this young lady's blog and u tube videos on the internet and I thought she and Elena might like to communicate.