Thursday, August 9, 2012

Day + 15

Good Evening Everyone!  We wanted to post a little earlier tonight to share more good news! (and maybe get to bed before midnight)  Elena had a better day today overall.  Although she still struggled with all of the same issues, and got frustrated with them on more than one occasion, things just felt different.  They felt better.  In looking at the numbers, they were better.  Elena's white count rose again to .24, and her red cells went up as well.  She even registered a .06 ANC which up until this point had been undetectable.  God is Good!

As mentioned above, Elena is still dealing with the yuck.  Today her nausea and foot pain have been giving her trouble.  Walking laps was really a chore, but she persevered and completed all of her jobs.  We are so proud of her and how she is handling everything!

Thank you for all of the love and prayers.  We can definitely feel them!  Please continue to pray for positive steps to a full recovery.  We need you to keep doing what you are doing so we can keep doing what we are doing.  And we know that God has it all in His hands!

In Him,
The Tates

"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong."  1 Cor 16:13


  1. Keep the good news coming! Prayers will continue as well as the praise for counts rising and for all of u having the strength to keep going!

  2. Keep going honey bunch you can do it! As hard as your chores are keep pushing forward. And keep the good news coming. We will continue our part- praying. Love you lots sweet girl. Aunt Beth

  3. Fabulous news...she is progressing so well, thank you God for aswering our prayers!
    The Ivys

  4. God is so good! I will keep praying for Elena and your family. Stay strong because God will get you through this.

    Abby Baines

  5. Great News folks! .17 to .24 is terrific. We continue to lift you up each day. Love from the Harts!!

  6. Following your blog and praying for you all daily. We have moved back to the Atlanta area. We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

    The Hertz's

  7. Love to hear that F.R.O.G. is working. HE has always been faithful. Love and hugs to you all. Stay strong Elena, you are my hero!!!!!


    The Nauerts'

  8. Still praying!!
    Lisa Fredericksen

  9. Rejoicing with you and praying for complete healing!