Thursday, September 20, 2012

Day + 57

What an amazing day!  It has been so wonderful!  We still can't believe that we are here, at the Ronald McDonald House, and not in the hospital! It is the greatest feeling!

Having nothing to do all day, no vitals, no round the clock care, and no interruptions has been great.  Today was filled with rest, reading, watching Gilligan's Island and Full House, planning meals and making a grocery list.

Here's a picture tour of our new accommodations. As wonderful as they are, we are still praying this will be a brief stop in this journey.

How Elena and Liv had to see each other before

How they were last night!!


Elena spent part of today working on a craft project.

A corner of the kitchen has become the medicine corner. Most of Elena's pills are taken at 10 am and 10 pm each day.
Here is a picture of Elena this evening
She is hooked up to her IV fluids that will run overnight for a total of 12 hours. She will have to do this every night for at least seven days. She says sporting a backpack holding IV fluids is more fun and easier than pushing around an IV pole!

Tomorrow will be Elena's first post transplant clinic visit. Please pray that the day will be a smooth one. We are scheduled to arrive at 8:30 am.  Elena's counts will be checked and she will have a physical exam.  Please pray for no delays, strong counts, and no setbacks. 

Please also pray  specifically for Elena's potassium levels to be normal.  She is having to take potassium pills right now and it is not going well at all. The pills are huge and Elena struggles to take them. Sometimes she can't take them at all.
We can't thank you enough for continuing to pray for our family. Your prayers have seen us through some long, dark days and have also joyously sung praises to the Lord. We will be forever grateful for your encouragement and prayers!

In Him,
The Tates

"From the fullness of His grace we have all received one blessing after another."  John 1:16


  1. Rereading posts from this summer and thinking about how far Elena has come, it is amazing. Praising God for the blessing of transition to the Ronald McDonald House. Praying specifically for Elena's potassium levels to be normal, for her continued strength to do the hard work of getting well, and praying for complete healing. The pictures are so heart-warming and hopefully this "home-like" environment will further boost her health. Being together as a family is a blessing. Enjoy a great weekend together.Praying for a good check-up in the morning. Sleep well.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful news!!! Seeing that beautiful smile is just priceless!
    with big hugs to you all,
    Sharon Bryan

  3. Joy and love. When you have thee at the same time there is nothing better. Love of family friends doctors nurses and most of all God got you through the times when there was little to no joy. That love is all still with you only now you have the joy to go with it. I am so happy for you. Take your time to heal but ions that is what is going to bring the next phase of your life. I love you

  4. Rereading old posts also thus morning and thanking God for all that he has brought you through. I am watching Good Morning America, Robin Roberts got her bone marrow yesterday. It's hard to believe it has been 2 long months. What I am always reminded is that FAITH and GRACE prevail. Thank you for always giving thanks in the hard times. Your faith and your testimony as a family humbles me everyday. We love you and continue to pray for your complete healing.

  5. We were so thrilled to hear the news yesterday, Hanna came home from school and told me right away- enjoy a great weekend together --- we are so happy for you all ...Love, the Slater's

  6. Yeah!!! we are so happy to see the pictures from the Ronald McDonald looks like a wonderful home away from home :) We pray for Elena's continued success, for feeling good, for good blood work, for successful clinic visits, and for her happiness. so glad the girls can finally get together!!! kathryn fitzgeald

  7. This is a wonderful step in the right direction, being together as a family will make complete healing easier! I'm so thrilled that you guys will be together and I know this will be so good for the girls. Lots of time to make up! These accommodations look better than the hospital, not home be hopefully it won't be long. Elena you look wonderful, keep up the fight my champ, Rejoicing in this news, love you all. Aunt Beth

  8. Can you hear the praise music we have been jamming to for you? :-) Lifting hands to the Lord and rejoicing in all the good news since 9/13 and praying for good levels and reports to continue with this morning’s visit to the clinic. So great to see Elena's big, beautiful smile again while enjoying a little craft time! The pic of Liv and her sitting together on the bed is priceless—and a welcome replacement of the one peering at each other from the window and sunroof. As wonderful as it is to finally be where you are—at RMD—there's no place like home and we hope you find yourselves there before you know it. In the meantime, we are so happy that you get to relax together and enjoy some family fun time this weekend!

  9. Praise GOD for his MANY BLESSINGS and a step for your family in total healing! Marilyn Pendleton