Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day + 43

Today we are rejoicing in the news that Elena's GI biopsies all came back negative for GVHD!  Thank you Lord!

We are so very thankful for this good news!  While this good news rules out a bad complication, it still leaves us with some unanswered questions. Why has Elena been running a fever for 14 days now? Why is she so nauseous?

At this time, the doctors do not have a clear answer for us.  They are lowering the dose of one anti-rejection drug that can cause an upset stomach. They are still awaiting the results of a couple more cultures. They are continuing to treat one known virus with an antibiotic and the known lung infection with an anti-fungal medication. So, we continue to hope, pray, wait, and believe.

Another huge praise for the day is that Elena FINALLY got some much needed rest last night.  She had three periods of sleep that lasted for a least two hours each!  That's a combined total of over six hours of sleep in 10 hour period!  We can't remember the last time she slept for over two hours straight. Praying for more and more nights filled with much needed rest and healing.

However, even with some extra sleep, Elena is still tired. One "good" night is not even going to come close to healing the extreme fatigue and weariness she feels. While there were a couple of bright spots in our day - a short joy-filled visit with two pastors from our church and a brief time of no fever or nausea - by late afternoon, Elena was in tears not feeling well. Her temperature has continued to rise all afternoon and once again she is plagued by waves of nausea.  She desperately wants to get better and go home.

Please keep praying for answers, no fevers, rest-filled sleep, and complete healing.

In Him,
The Tates

"Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always." Psalm 105:4


  1. I am rejoicing along with you guys and also praying for the nausea and fever to subside. Hopefully you will have more good nights of sleep and this will help you cope better with the days. Keep pushing forward sweet girl, you are so brave and honestly YOU ARE THE BOMB!! We will continue doing our part. Let me know if there is anything you want me to send you. Tell your mom or dad to call me or text me...Love you soooo much, Aunt Beth

  2. It's good to hear that Elena was able to get much needed rest and is GVHD negative. Elena is working so hard to get well. Praying for complete healing and more good news tomorrow.

  3. It's now 10:00 and I just finished texting with you. You said Elena is peacefully asleep. Did't want to text back and disturb her, I'm so happy She is resting. I pray she has a great nights rest and you too. Love you!!

  4. Great news. I hope that as I lie down to go to sleep that Elena is able to find the good vibes I will be sending to her and channel them into rest and peace till the sun rises on another day of healing. Love you

  5. So happy to hear GVHS is negative!!! That's just fantastic news! Always thinking and praying for you all - love, The Slater's

  6. Wonderful news!! I'm praying this is the turning point and each day has longer periods of sleep and the nausea and fevers go away. Keep fighting Elena! We are with you!

    The Kenney's