Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day +51

Today has been another fever free, feeling better for a while, off the IV pole kind of day!  Though it started a little rough with a blood transfusion from 4am - 8am, and a follow-up CT scan of Elena's upper abdomen, her day got progressively better this afternoon as she had another session with her teacher and then walked her laps pole free.  Things definitely seem to be looking up!

Preliminary reports on Elena's lungs show that there is little or no change in the nodules seen on her earlier scan.  Her doctors will discuss future treatment plans with the pulmonary team on Monday.  Please pray for a definitive diagnosis and a clear plan of action.

Please also pray for continued healing, increased stamina, and many better days ahead!

Still praying and believing!

In Him,
The Tates

"Stand firm, and you will win life."  Luke 21:19


  1. Every day seems to be brighter. This pattern should be bringing some smiles to the faces of all who love you. I hope and pray that you are all feeling as optimistic as I am. Praise God..praise the doctors and health care team...praise Elena for having the resilience to get through this. I love you all

  2. Sorry for the rough start, but days are seeming to get better and better. Keep your head up sweet girl and don't stop pushing forward. Throw that pole out the window when no one is looking, hee hee. Prayers are coming you way for answers and complete healing. Love you lots, Aunt Beth