Sunday, September 2, 2012

Day + 39

Sadly, today was not better and brighter. According to Elena, today was a bad day. Once again, fever and nausea plagued her. She has spent most of the day in bed, moaning and asking for anyone to help her feel better.  Her breathing is rapid and shallow.  She shakes from chills and then sweats with fever.  She throws up bile. Today wasn't really any different than the last nine days.

Over the past seven weeks, we have been amazed at Elena's strength and perseverance.  Today, the day before beginning her eighth week here, she has had enough.  Throughout the day, she has said she just wants to feel better.  For the first time in 49 days, Elena said she felt like she would never get better.  She said that this new medicine was never going to work.  She said every day is a bad day.  She never gets a good night's sleep or a good day's sleep for that matter.  Every nurse and doctor tells her she will get better, it will just take time.  Elena wonders how much longer.  She can't really remember the last time she felt good.

But we have to believe that better and brighter days are ahead.  We just wish they would get here a whole lot quicker.

Praying and believing!

In Him,
The Tates

"You are the God who performs miracles." 
Psalm 77:14


  1. I wish I could trade places with you, Elena. I'd lay in your bed and fight for your body to heal while you were out playing and having fun. But until we find a way to make that happen, you've got to do this.......but know that there are hundreds of people out there cheering for you to finish the race. When you start to feel down, close your eyes and listen for those cheers!

  2. Christy and Elena--- I am going to pull up the Healer song from You Tube before I go to bed --- I am trusting that Jesus is the full portion, all you need ---Yet I am well aware that you need rest and to feel better----Dear God, bring Elena a better day tomorrow. Love you! Lisa F.

  3. Elena my dear hero you will get better. You have come so far that better days are close. They will come in rapid succession and very soon. You can do this and the rewards will be huge. I love you. Rainey

  4. Dear Elena-
    You truly are such an amazing young lady with the strength and tenacity that very few have. You have been blessed with the most loving family and an army of angles praying for you! You can do this- keep up the fight and that ever so sweet contagious smile will be shining for all to see! One day, one step at a time- God has such incredible plans for you- tomorrow will be a better day!
    With much Love,
    Kelli McCormick

  5. We are thinking of you, and praying for you everyday - you are always close in our minds and hearts - you will get through - with much love, The Slater's

  6. Dear Elena,
    Comments can't make you feel better but I want you to know that you are the most beautiful person I've ever known. I am thirteen also and could not imagine going through cancer once...or twice. You remind me of the story book I read as a child, "It could always be worse" I hope you really feel better.
    Do you enjoy sewing and crafts? Here are some of my favorite blogs to look at about sewing and embroidery:

  7. My sweetest girl, I'm am soooo sorry that you feel so horrible. You are wonderful and I continue to pray for brighter days. You have come sooo far and I know you can do this. Stay positive and keep fighting for all this nausea and fever to goooo away and stay away. My heart just breaks for you my sweet girl. I love you so much. Aunt Beth

  8. Elena,
    It's 9:24 PM and I'm praying that you are finally asleep and feeling no nausea, pain, or fever. I'm praying that tomorrow is a new and beautiful day that will bring you sweet relief. I'm sorry, dear girl. You don't deserve this and I hope and pray you will come out of this cloud of pain soon.
    Sweet dreams,
    Patti Heaton