Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day + 52

Today has been very similar to Day + 51 - another fever free, feeling better for a while, off the IV pole kind of day!  We are so thankful that Elena is experiencing less and less pain and problems and more and more comfort!

Today was spent resting, playing games, and watching movies.

Please continue to pray for a definitive diagnosis and a clear plan of action regarding Elena's lungs. Her doctors still plan on meeting with the pulmonary team on Monday to review Elena's scans.

On Monday, the doctors also plan on completely stopping Elena's IV nutrition. She is slowly eating more and more. Today, she drank milk, ate a bowl of fruit loops and five graham sticks. Please pray that Elena will continue to eat and drink enough so that she will be able to completely stop her IV nutrition.  This would be another huge step toward her complete recovery.

Please keep praying for better and brighter tomorrows and for total and complete healing for Elena.

Still praying and believing!

In Him,
The Tates

"Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer." Romans 12:12


  1. Jumping for joy another good day!! We just had to get stern and tell that fever it wasn't welcome and throw that IV pole out the window. You show them who's boss little champ!! And if you have any Louisiana in your blood, you just eat and eat sister, tell them you don't need there nutrition anymore. Hee hee. Thank God our prayers are being answered. Love you lots lots. In fact love you all lots!! Aunt Beth

  2. Praying for another fever free and IV free day. Maybe feeling better and getting around easier will help with lung function. Praying for complete healing.

  3. Off the pole kind of day sounds AWESOME! Congrats on that! More of it to come! xoxo The Slater's

  4. Wow! A few days of being fever free and you're now eating fruit loops! I'm so happy for you, Elena. It must feel great to get off that IV pole and have some freedom. We are praying that all this good news continues and that your healing will be complete soon. Hugs, Patti Heaton

  5. Elena,
    I am thrilled that you are fever, free and eating and getting away from the I.V. once in a while!!! Like the Hillsong says, He is our portion!! Delighting in all this good news!!
    Lisa Fredericksen