Monday, July 30, 2012

Day + 5

Good Evening from room 3206.  Today has been a good day!  One that still held all of the yuck that we have been dealing with since we have been here, but one that has also had it's share of  "good" times.

It may be that we are establishing some sort of a routine, or that Elena is simply not going to let this leukemia get the best of her ( our money is on the latter ), but we have been seeing little glimpses of our sweet, spunky, silly girl peek out at some of the most needed times.  This morning around 4am, during one of her many trips to the bathroom, Elena was grunting/moaning like she is prone to do to clear her throat or as a coping mechanism to help with the pain.  When asked if she was ok, she smiled her silly little grin and said she was humming the One Direction song "What Makes You Beautiful".  That lit up the room like nothing else could have at that moment.

Later on in the morning, she said that she felt like she was "at one of those old folks homes" because she has had to eat soft food, she needed help to go to the bathroom and she spent a lot of time laying in the bed with oxygen tubes in her nose and drooling.  :)   Her words, not ours.  But they made us smile knowing that she was coping better than we thought she might be.

So even though Elena is dealing with things that no one should have to go through, and she has told the doctors that she can't believe that all kids that have a BMT have to go through this, she is doing it with a sense of humor and some spunk.  As we have said before, this girl has substance! 

As wonderful as it is to see these things in Elena, we know that we cannot and are not going through this alone.  All of the posts to the blog, cards, calls and texts of encouragement are doing exactly what you want them to do; they are encouraging!  Not only Elena, but all of us and we can't thank you enough!  Keep 'em coming!

Please continue to pray for increased healing and rest and for decreased yuck!

In Him,
The Tates

"You, O Lord, keep (her) lamp burning; my God turns (her) darkness into light. With your help (she) can advance against a troop; with my God (she) can scale a wall."
Psalm 18:28-29


  1. Go away, yuk! That is a direct order from the Boone household!!!! We want to see more of E's spunk! Love & HUGS to you all!!!

  2. Been praying psalm 143 tons since day zero. (thx Christy and Tami). Loving loving that Elena is still herself. still praying. Loves and hugs to you all. Abbie

  3. love it! love her lil' spunky self and that she still has the energy to find the best and to not give up! Glad you are encouraged by our love and prayers - they will not stop!

  4. Get outta here yuck!! I like the humming part. I sing "Beautiful" by Mercy Me all the time.
    All of you are in our prayers throughout the day for stamina, peace, happiness, rest... So many other things.
    Elena you are a bright light for all to see. We are here for you all! We love you!
    Eric, Melissa, Sam, Ben, Cody, Hoover, Shiraz, Shellby, Skitter, 8 fish and 2 frogs in the pond.

  5. OK, I'm adding "decreased Yuck" to the prayer list! It's great to hear that Elena's sense of humor is intact. Love you - Uncle Bob

  6. So great to hear that you had some really good moments...we too will pray for the "yuck" to go your sweet girl can get some relief. You are all in our prayers!

    Stan and Deona

  7. Boo to yuck and Yey to singing...pretty soon you will be danc'n and groov'n with those tunes! We love you sweet, brave, strong one and know that the Heavenly Father loves you so much more too. Sending prayers and hugs, the Dravis Family

  8. I've never posted before, but I learned of Elena's fight a couple of years ago and have been following the blog, celebrating the victories and praying through the difficulties. I wanted to let you know that I, along with the congregation at First UMC Lawrenceville, are remembering you all in our prayers, and we look forward to the day when we will lift up prayers of thanksgiving when Elena receives the news that she is completely cancer-free! God bless you - Nancy Ford

  9. are my inspiration for all of my days, when things don't go the way I wish them too. I have no excuse....just thank you for humbling me. I will keep praying that our Gracious GOD will continue to heal you completely and that your days will be less painful. I still and always will love you.
    Paule Nauert

  10. So very glad to hear of her spunk shining through the battle - she is a true champion!!! We pray each day continues to improve and that you feel the love, care and concern we all have for you and that you ALWAYS feel His hands around you all :) We are proud of your hard fighting :)
    Much love,
    The Fredlunds

  11. Enjoy every little bit of moments of joy. They will multiply daily and before you know it our Elena will be the one giving us encouragement! We all love you girl, you are the most amazing young lady I have ever known.