Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Day 0 Transplant Day

Big Praises for a smooth transplant! 

This afternoon we are lifting up thanks and praises for all that God has done and continues to do in our lives.  Elena's transplant went perfectly with none of the potential side effects associated with it.  Thanks for all of the prayers that were lifted up on her behalf and for continuing to walk this road with us.

Unfortunately, not everything went as smoothly as the transplant did.  Because of the fact that Elena has not been eating due to the onset of mucositis and increased nausea, the BMT team decided it was time for an NG tube to make sure that Elena receives all of the nutrients she needs to assist in her body's full recovery.  While the insertion of the tube went well, Elena's acceptance of it did not.  She immediately began crying and demanding that it be removed.  After much discussion and pleading, with none of it being very pleasant and some of it almost night-marish, we convinced Elena to leave the tube in for an hour to see if it felt any better.  After waiting the hour Elena was still very uncomfortable with the tube and a decision was made to remove it.  We realized then that the timing of this procedure was completely wrong and it should have been done at a later date.

Once the tube was removed Elena began to settle down and we were able to talk with her about what had happened and what the next steps were going to be.  We talked about the fact that without the tube, Elena was still going to have to swallow some of her daily pills by mouth.  I am happy to say that she has since done just that and is now taking a well deserved nap.  This girl has got substance!

Please pray for Elena to continue to fight, for her body to make a full and complete recovery, and for all of her side effects to lessen to the point of non-existence. 

In Him,
The Tates

"As for me, I will call upon God; and He will save me. Evening and morning and noon, will I pray and cry out and He shall hear my voice. He has delivered my soul in peace from the battle that was against me, for there were many with me (us)."
Psalm 55:16-18


  1. Hang in there Elena, please forgive those who are trying to help. Sometimes the things they have to do seem only to hurt, but they only want you to get well as quickly as possible. I am so happy that the transplant went well. The most important thing now is to rest and let your body heal. I love you, Rainey

  2. It is wonderful to hear the transplant went well and the side effects of most concern were avoided (so far). Continued prayers for her comfort and recovery.

    If she weren't so smart, I'd ask you to tell Elena that NG tubes are all the rage and the new IN thing! But I don't think that would work on her.

    Keep fighting Christy - she needs you. She knows you have her best intrest at heart - how could she not.

    Uncle Wayne

  3. Elena is showing signs of the feisty little red head we know and love. Congrats on a smooth transplant. Happy birthday to Elena. :)

  4. We're so happy to hear the news, we all made special prayers for Elena today at 11am -- glad to hear that it was pretty to you all - The Slaters

  5. Tate Family,
    Praise God for the good news! Keep your spirits up. Everyone is rooting for your family! Denise Skeels

  6. Praise the Lord for a smooth transplant!!! We were all praying and will continue to do so as now we begin the (+) days after the transplant!! Keep your head up and don't forget to eat!! Our prayers now will surely be for comfort of your mouth and the nausea to subside so you can give your body all it needs without that horrible tube. I can definitely sympathize with you in the nausea category these days!! Love ya bunches and keep fighting!!

  7. Sorry about the NG tube! I have had one 3 times, which is 3 times too many. Hopefully she will be able do what is needed so that they do not have to redo it. I We are praying for a good nights rest.
    Sharon Grahn

  8. Happy Birthday, Elena! It is our prayer that each of you will get a well-deserved night of restful sleep filled with the comfort that only God can provide.
    Blessings & love,
    Toni and John Kimbrough

  9. So glad that transplant went well!!

    Will continue to pray!

    Tell Elena that her package is on the way to your house! I'm sure that someone can bring it by when it arrives in the next day or so!!

    Cathy Smith

  10. Please tell Elena that the first thing Lucas asked me when he got home from work tonight was, "Have you heard how Elena is today?" We read the post together and prayed that every side effect will vanish & that Elena will develop a healthy appetite so she can continue to kick cancer's butt!! What a brave girl she is!

    I will be praying Psalm 69:29, "But as for ELENA, afflicted and in pain— may your salvation, God, protect HER."

    You are loved!
    Jenny Thompson

  11. Praise God for a smooth & successful BMT! Now as for the feeding tube. Elena had a huge day today and came through with flying colors. I can understand her " hissy fit" about the tube. I'll bet with all the wonderful delicious food God has for us, there is something she will be able to handle. The trick is in finding it.

    Christy, you win "Mother of the Year" for all you have been through as well. I wish we could visit & hug on you both, but that will just have to be in our imagination/memory for now. Rest when you can, laugh as often as you can and know that you all are in a great big prayer bubble. Protected and loved by many.

    Sanitary hugs & kisses,
    Pattie Maloney

    p.s. give Elena a special squeeze for me please.

  12. Huge hugs for you, Elena, and especially for that great Mom you have! Praise the Lord for a smooth transplant this morning! We are all sending up prayers for relief from mucositis and nausea, which are both ugly words, by the way. We are praying that tomorrow will bring a new outlook and a strength that reaches deep within and makes your day a better one. We pray for comfort while trying to both eat and swallow pills!! You can do it Elena! We love you!

    Lots of Hugs,
    The Letts

  13. I just wanted to let you know that Elena and your family are in my thoughts and prayers. You all have encouraged me by your faith and strength that you draw from Christ our Savior.
    Tonya Capelle

  14. I am thinking about you NON stop! Praying that each side effect goes away quickly and that Elena will be healed completely! Colleen