Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Day - 1

Thank you for your continued prayers!
Last night was the same - up every two hours - we think that just might be our sleep pattern here in the hospital. Elena continues to battle side effects.  Some have gotten better, others are worse. Today, Day - 1, is designed to be a day of rest.  No chemo, no radiation.  Elena is currently being given IV fluids, an anti-rejection drug, and a drug to help prevent VOD.  All of these run at the same time through her central line, non-stop. She also has to take many medications by mouth three times a day.

Here's a picture of her morning pills:

Try taking those with mucositis and nausea!
Elena's strength and determination is amazing!

Tomorrow's the day - Day 0 - Transplant Day!
Elena's bone marrow transplant will take place right here in her room around 11:00 am.

A bone marrow transplant is an infusion procedure. It is not surgery. It's like receiving a blood transfusion through your central line, except instead of getting blood, Elena will be getting blood stem cells.

Elena will be receiving cord blood from an unrelated donor. These blood stem cells will arrive frozen.  The cells will need to be thawed first and then infused using a syringe.  The infusion usually takes less than 10-20 minutes.

Before the transfusion, Elena will be given medications to help with any possible side effects. During the transfusion, Elena will be hooked up to monitors and closely watched for any potential side effects, such as nausea and vomiting,  headaches, an allergic reaction (shortness of breath, itching, chills), a hemolytic reaction (fever, back pain, red urine) and changes in heart rate or blood pressure.

Please pray that Elena will not experience any of these potential side effects.

Today, we will be praying through the same list we posted yesterday.

Pray that Elena will stay strong and battle through the negative side effects.
Pray that Elena's pain and other side effects will be managed.
Pray that each and every remaining leukemia cell in Elena's body has been killed by the radiation and chemo.
Pray that not a single cancer cell has survived.
Pray that the chemo and radiation has only harmed the cancer and not Elena's body or mind.
Pray that we can find joy in today, as we await tomorrow's transplant.
Pray that we will be able to find peace and rest in these days.
Pray that we hold fast to His truth - "You are the God who performs miracles." Psalm 77:14.

We pray you will be too.

In Him,
The Tates


  1. Many prayers are with you, Elena, and your family. Kari prays for you every day She said to tell you hello...

  2. We are all with you and will be praying with you at 11am tomorrow ...Love you all- The Slater's

  3. My devotion today in Jesus Calling was a help to me as I'm away from my dad while he is recovering & I thought I would share it with you because it helped me to focus on the positives..."See how many times you can thank Me daily; this will awaken your awareness to a multitude of blessings. It will also cushion the impact of trials when they come against you. Practice My Presence by practicing the discipline of thankfulness."

    Today I join you in thanking God that today is Day 1 & that tomorrow will be Elena's new birthday!! I join you thanking God that you are in a place where Elena is being cared for by the best people & I join in you thanking God for the many, many people who are praying for tomorrow's procedure to be a success & for Elena's complete healing.

    Love & a HUGE "germ free" hug!!!
    Jenny Thompson

  4. My beautiful brave Elena. My entire heart and soul will be with you tomorrow. I will light a prayer candle when I wake up and it will stay lite until you are home jumping on the trampoline!

  5. Hey sweet Tate's, I am sorry to hear of your crazy sleeping schedule, but hopefully it will correct itself soon. Tomorrow truly is Elena's new birthday! But let her know that doesn't mean she gets 2 different parties. Just kidding, you know me and corny stuff.

    It is amazing that within 10-20 minutes around 11:00 am on 7/25/12, Elena will be on the road toward a new, cancer free life. WOW God!! So thankful for the knowledge and wisdom He gives to all the Doctors, nurses & staff on just how to care for Elena. His love is so big, yet it is so personally specific too.

    Needless to say, His throne room is going to be very loud with ALL those standing in the gap for the Tate's. Blessings, peace, comfort, rest in His mighty healing & loving hands for now. That's all you have to do.

    Sanitary Kisses & Hugs,
    Pattie Maloney

  6. Praying for Elena!!! Have set my phone to go off at 11:00 tomorrow so we all (and you know how many people are in my house) will pause and pray! That's a lot of prayers! Love to you all.... The Redmon/Fisher Clan

  7. Praying with our most heartfelt prayers for precious ELena and all your family. Love , Ted and Jean Lindstedt

  8. I will continue to pray for you, Elena and your sweet family! Allison, Tashawn & I will especially be praying for you tomorrow at 11:00. We love you lots!
    Darlene Walton (Tashawn, Alissa, and Allison)

  9. We love you Elena! We will say a special prayer for you at 11:00. We look forward to giving you lots of hugs really soon, but until then, here's a huge virtual hug from the Lett family!
    Ms.Jennifer and the Lett clan

  10. Praying for you this very moment and throughout the day. Will be praying and fasting <3 You are loved!

  11. Gary and I have been praying non stop. I have notes on the kitchen window of where we are in the countdown. Praying for the list of requests, but also that you will feel God's peace, His power, His presence and His love all day ( and especially at night , when things get tedious and exhausting).
    Love, Gary and Sharon

  12. We are praying today that the bone marrow transplant will go perfectly and Elena will tolerate it well. When I think of the number 0, it makes me think of a new, fresh start with endless possibilities. That is what I picture with Elena!
    1 Peter 5:7 Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you!

  13. Praying for our sweet Elena and the whole family today!!! May the Lord strengthen you all and wipe away all the evidence of cancer!!! We have already been "Shakin' Heaven" but will definitely be standing in the gap again at 11:00!!!! Love you all!!

  14. We are praying for you Elena!! We pray that the BMT goes well, that you have no side affects, and will be able to come home soon!! Mackenzie can't wait for you to return to dance!!

    Kristen and Mackenzie Mullin

  15. Praying for you especially right now! - The Meadors

  16. In prayer for Elena right now. Xo.

  17. Praying for "no cancer" and for complete healing, as well as peace and assurance from God

    We love you,

    John Leece

  18. Praying!! Praying!! Praying!!

  19. It is time.... New Bone Marrow for Elena with no side effects will happen today if my prayers are heard.

    Uncle Wayne

  20. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today.
    The Mraz Family

  21. Happy Transplant Day, Elena! I hope that you are having a good day without too many side effects! I have been wearing the bracelet that you made me while I am on vacation, and when I see it, I pray that all is going well with you! Praying today that every single one of those leukemia cells are gone, and that your body receives those new cells quickly and without any GVHD! Lots of love to you!!

    Nurse Amy