Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday Night Update

First and foremost, thank you for all of your prayers over the past several days. We have definitely felt God's presence here with us and the love of His faithful followers surrounding us as we move on with this next chapter in our lives.

Things here have been moving steadily forward with new and familiar experiences alike. Elena's familiarity with the hospital and so many of the staff has helped to ease her transition here, but the newness or rebirth of these experiences has been a painful shock to a sweet girl who wants nothing more than just to be normal. The old and the new also applies to Elena's medications. She has received two types of chemo that she has had before along with three new ones. Unfortunately, she is experiencing some of the side effects from the 'old' chemo as well, along with the expected fatigue and nausea from both. Please pray for strength and stamina for Elena as we are in the beginning stages of a very long battle.

As I mentioned earlier, not all of Elena's struggles are physical. She is also trying to deal with the emotional side of the changes taking place, both with her body and in her life. She has made it known to us on more than one occasion that " I don't want this ", or " I just want to be home doing normal stuff ". All we can tell her is that we understand and for her to try to take things one day at a time. Sometimes those words are just not enough! Please pray for Elena's emotional well being and for the courage and determination to persevere.

Please also pray for Olivia. She is also dealing with the emotional side of living in and around different circumstances at home. She too must be wondering why things have to be the way they are right now. Your love will continue to help her hang on and move forward through this.

On a brighter note, Elena loves having visitors. It helps to break up the monotony of her day and gives her a little bit of "normal", though I use the term loosely with some of you! The only problem is that we need to make sure that she is strong enough and that her counts are high enough to protect her from any outside germs before receiving visitors, so we request that you call before stopping by.

Again, thank you for all you do for us and for storming heaven with prayers for our family!

In Him,
The Tates

"We are hard pressed on every side, but not crushed; perplexed, but not in despair"
2 Corinthians 4:8


  1. Loving and praying for all of you. Prayers flooding you way from lots of people in East Tennessee. Thanks for the update. Aunt Linda

  2. Elena, if you were "normal" you might not want to hang around with us!!! :-) Seriously though, you are a sweet, wonderful, normal girl who is going through a tough thing. It doesn't define you though, you are still YOU!

    Passing out rocks at Sunday School today to help all your youth friends at church pray too!

    Love, John Leece

  3. Hi Tates! Elena, Allie was so sorry to miss you on Wed. at school! She has a special card for you and she would like to see you ASAP!! We are praying for you & your family and always thinking of you . WITH LOVE from the Szatmary family.

  4. Dear Sweet Elena,
    We missed you terribly in Sunday School this morning! I love you very much and am praying that each rock you throw at cancer hits its mark and destroys the enemy. Always remember that you are a treasure to God and to all of us who care deeply for you and your family. Stay strong and keep throwing stones!
    All my love,
    Miss Laura-Dee

  5. My dear sweet, precious Elena, yes, of course, nothing beats healthy normal, but for now you will have to fight to have that. And you will have it again. For now, try to have some fun discovering a new normal. How about a sassy new short hair cut like Michelle Williams. Have Mom pick up some falvored pink lip gloss and some 1" gold hoop earings. Temporary tattoos on your ankle and blinged out flip flops! Set a new standard for hospital style. I know you can pull it off in true diva style, and most of all get back your divatude. Nothing beats a confident red haired diva, nothing, not even cancer. You can do it, and do it in style. Remember always that Rainey is praying for you and your family. You are all truly special.