Monday, June 11, 2012

Change of Plans - AGAIN!

We don't know if today's news can be described as another wave or a changing current...Dr. Lew called with Elena's test results.
They show her minimal residual disease (MRD) is .2%

What does this mean?
Elena still has a small (but real) amount of residual leukemia.
All planned transplant appointments have been postponed - AGAIN!

Ideally, her doctors would love her MRD to be undetectable entering a bone marrow transplant.  Survival rates are much higher if this is the case. However, her doctors are also unsure if another intensive round of chemo would get Elena to zero MRD.

Elena's doctors are looking at possible options.
Right now, they are recommending more chemo to keep the leukemia in check and to hopefully reduce the MRD further or God willing - make it undetectable!
The big question the doctors have is what intensity chemo they should give Elena.

So, here we are once again with little direction, no plan, and no scheduled appointments.

Please pray:
- for God to direct Elena's doctors as they try to determine what our next steps are
- for God to give us and the doctors His perfect wisdom about what is right for Elena
- for God to give us the strength, peace, and hope we need

Liv's MRI is still on Wednesday, June 13th.
Here are the specific prayers for Liv:
- for Liv to be calm before the test
- for Liv not to be anxious about getting the IV (she usually gets extremely upset and cries)
- for the sedation procedure to be safe and not harm Liv
- for Liv to come out of sedation calmly ( she usually wakes up very agitated and upset)
- for the MRI results to show NO signs of recurrent tumor

In Him,
The Tates

"The Lord gives strength to his people; the Lord blesses his people with peace."
Psalm 29:11


  1. oh my! goodness I wish we were just right beside you to give you all big hugs and tell you it's all going to be ok. However, I can reassure you that you have an army of prayer warriors as you go thru this next phase/step. We love you 4!

  2. We have been thinking of you all, as always & continue to keep you in our thoughts & prayers. Wish we could make it to the meet on Thursday. Allie swims that night for Grandview & she will do so in honor of Elena, Hanna, Cole, & Abby. With love & prayers, the Szatmarys.

  3. Great news that MRD is lower!! It will get to zero! Thinking of you all and sending hugs. We'll be there giving blood on Friday! Love - Becky & Hanna

  4. Fear of others will prove to be a snare, but whoever trusts in the Lord is kept safe. (Proverbs 29:25)

    Continue your faith walk my friends and know that we are all growing in faith on this journey. We may not know the reasons for the suffering but the joy at the end of the road will be beyond our comprehension! I love you

  5. Praying for the specifics...

  6. Praying for you all. Give both girls big hugs for me. Kelsie hasn't decided yet which yummy treat to make for the swim meet on Thursday, but there will be something there in honor of both girls. Much love to you! Janet