Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday Night Fun!

When Elena woke up last Wednesday morning,

we brushed out quite a bit of her hair.

Hair on clothes, hair on pillows, time for a ponytail.

Thursday morning, we brushed out about 90% of Elena's hair! Crazy!

Friday morning, more hair.

Saturday night, Elena wanted to shave her head.
Here we are cutting her tiny ponytail.

Getting started - notice the laptop set up -
Uncle Steve in Colorado, decided to shave his head too.
They did it at the same time!

Almost done!

Absolutely beautiful!

Elena and Uncle Steve

Elena and two of her amazing night nurses.

They joined in on the fun, hanging out

and capturing the moment on film.

Well...Alyssa decided to join in on the fun!

Yes - she wanted to shave her head too!

Elena and Melissa cutting Alyssa's hair



They look wonderful!

While watching all the fun, cousin Landon

decided he wanted his head shaved too!

All done!

What love!

Really wish we had a before picture of

Uncle Steve - he really needed a haircut!

So, what did you do Saturday night?!

Are you wishing you were at Scottish Rite for a free haircut?

Thanks for loving us in so many ways!

We are blessed by your prayers and your love!

In Him,

The Tates

"Love always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails."

1 Corinthians 13:7-8


  1. Absolute beauty!!!!! Brought tears to my eyes.....Elena, you are so loved!

  2. Wow, Elena you look beautiful! I can tell you are loved by a lot of people! You have been so brave through this journey and hopefully you will be able to go back home soon! I will call you Mark and Christie to see when I can come over for one last look! It cheers my spirits up when I see Elena's beautiful smiling face! I cant help but smile back!
    Lots of love,
    Micah Veraart XOXO

  3. Yippee!! Summer haircuts for everybody. Elena, you look fabulous and Uncle Steve and Landon don't look too bad either. What a special team of nurses are watching over you. Tell them Aunt Linda says "thanks". Keep on fighting and getting those counts up. I'm proud of you. Love to all. Aunt Linda

  4. Bald is beautiful, and you all truly are. Love you, Rainey

    1. Agreed! Bald IS beautiful and personally i think you look great bald! Its almost weird seeing you with hair

  5. You are so beautiful, Elena!!! I'll have to get a picture of you and Sarah with your pretty heads soon. One person told us that one reason they think bald is so beautiful is that there is no hair to distract you from seeing the person's eyes and smile! :) So glad your counts are on the rise. Hope we get to see you this week. We had company with us yesterday and will tomorrow too - and Sarah was very green today.
    We love you! Heather & Sarah

  6. After having all of those hot days the past few weeks, I might be next in line for a shave! LOL!! Girl, I love that big smile in all of these pictures!! Can't wait to see you again!! Brantley has some hugs set aside just for YOU!!!

  7. Oh my gosh this was the best post!!! You are beautiful Elena!!!