Saturday, April 14, 2012

Peace - Patience -Trust

Home - what a wonderful place to be!
We are home and so enjoying settling back into our old and familiar routines!
What are we having to learn - peace, patience, and trust.
These are things we have struggled with.
These are the things we need.

We met with Elena's bone marrow transplant doctor on Thursday. She was full of wisdom and personality. We like her a lot. She shared a lot of information with us. She also laughed and joked. We liked that! We know what lies ahead will be hard, really hard. We need peace to fill us. We know that what lies ahead still needs time to be put in place. We need patience. We found out that many potential bone marrow donors have been identified as matches for Elena. We need to trust.

The goal - a bone marrow transplant that will lead to Elena's complete healing - will take time. Now that donors have been identified, they have to be "activated". They have to be contacted, agree to further blood testing and typing, be available in the coming weeks/months, and agree to be the donor. So many variables.

Peace, patience, and trust - so needed.
Every minute, every hour, every day.
We remind ourselves. In His time, not ours.
Not an easy thing to do.

Next steps:
Wednesday, April 18 - Elena will have a bone marrow test to determine if she is in remission.

Wednesday, April 25 - A meeting with Elena's primary oncologist to determine what our next steps are. We know it will involve at least another month of chemo leading up to the transplant. We do not know the timing, the drugs, or the details.

Enjoy THIS day - Each day!
Thank you for your love and your prayers!

In Him,
The Tates
"Look to the Lord and His strength, seek His face always." Psalm 105:4


  1. So glad you get to sleep at night with nobody coming in to wake you up! Wednesday is a big day. We are praying! Love Ya

  2. you're always in our hearts and prayers ...xoxo The Slater's