Saturday, August 15, 2009

Starting a Blog

Well, we have officially started blogging. A strange word it is, blogging, but we think it will be a better way to keep everyone updated about what is happening in our lives. The information would be available to everyone at the same time and it will be fun posting entries. We want to share prayer requests as well as great things happening at the Tate house. There is a spot at the bottom of each post where you can leave messages. We will all love reading your posts. You can keep sending emails to our gmail account as well. We are blessed to have you in our lives and on this journey with us. Thank you for sticking with us!


  1. So, excited you have started the blog and I'm ready to start keeping up! Have a great rest of the weekend! Love ya'll, Kriston, Jason and Ellison Reese

  2. Oh, so completely cool! Love your great pictures!
    Love, Jen, Bret, Kira and Elise

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirational messages and including all of us in your journey. Much love and many prayers!
    -Anna Mary Smith

  4. Can't wait to read your blogs! Love the picture and the site's background. Your family continues to be such an inspiration to us! Thanks for keeping God in the center and not being afraid to let the world know!
    Randy, Leah, Savannah, & Molly Lee