Saturday, August 15, 2009

Catching Up

Now that we have begun our blog it is time to catch you up on life at the Tate house. On Monday, August 10th, we had hopes of posting our first entry with great news about the first day of school. Well, we quickly remembered that the return to school is a crazy time of year. You go from the carefree days of summer to making lunches, packing backpacks, doing homework and early bedtimes. The girls love their teachers and their classmates. Of course I love being at the same school as the girls and seeing their smiling faces any chance I get. Even when I don't see them, I know they are close. Most of you know that the first week back to school ended with Elena spending Thursday night in the hospital.

We are happy to be home together and things are back to normal around here. Elena enjoyed a visit from two of her teachers this morning. They brought a yummy cookie cake and cards from her classmates. We enjoyed the cookie cake before having lunch! The girls spent the rest of the day playing with friends. We are thankful that Elena is feeling good. It has been a very good day!


  1. The girls look great and they are getting so big. It's so nice to see the picture of all of you together, and is that the ocean in the background? We always watch for our daily updates, so I will be directing the girls here to read about them. Take care and know that you are in our constant thoughts and prayers.
    Brooke, Shaye and Logi

  2. Love the photos as well!! I am so glad to hear that y'all are having a great weekend. Love you and we are always thinking of y'all.
    Pam and Roland

  3. Dearest Tates,

    I don't talk to you much but you are sooooo in my mind and prayers every day. My girls also share in my prayers with you. Victoria, who is 12, took your newspaper article into school and they added you to their prayer list at Greater Atlanta Christian School. I miss you guys and hope to get to the lemonade stand sometime soon. Love, Dr. Khan

  4. Yahoo for blogging!!! We love your sweet family more and more every day! Here's to praying for a great 2nd week of school! we love yall!

  5. Congratulations bloggers! I now have a new way to catch up with you while on the road. Thank you for helping me appreciate the little things more and praise God for all of the details. I have and will continue to pray for you each day!
    I love you guys

  6. We are so thankful for the wonderful weekend. Hope Monday and Tuesday were uneventful. Praying for healing and peace for all. Looking forward to seeing your blog on a daily basis. Blessings on you all.