Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pizza Night

For as long as we can remember Friday night has been "Pizza and a Movie Night" at the Tate house. Sometimes we order a pizza, sometimes it's a frozen one, and sometimes we make it ourselves. Last night was a "make it ourselves" night. It's fun because everyone can have their pizza just the way they like it.

We are happy to say that our week ended much better than it started. It seems that Elena has adjusted to the new medicine. There are still trying moments, but they do not last as long. Elena says she doesn't like how the medicine makes her feel. Thank you for your prayers this week about that.
The girls enjoyed a great day playing with friends at the pool and in the backyard. We've had a quiet afternoon and evening and are looking forward to Homecoming Sunday at church tomorrow. It will be wonderful to see old friends and former pastors.

We know some of you are looking at the picture saying, "Olivia got her haircut!" Yes, Liv is sporting a new shorter do these days. She got it cut last Saturday and has been loving it ever since. She had been asking to get it cut short for a while now and we finally did it.

Enjoy your Sunday!
With love,
The Tates

"This is the day that the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it."
Psalm 118:24


  1. Yes, I love Olivia's new do!!! Pizza night - how fun! I'm sure the girls enjoy that too! What movie did yall watch?! Glad to hear that Elena is adjusting to her medicine. We will continue praying for those moments of frustration. Love love yall! - Cori & Phil

  2. thought of you Friday night... had a sinus infection last week and Playball camp... and I fell asleep around 5pm. Tell the girls we love them and can't wait to have a pizza night with you all soon!!! The McBrayers

  3. I love Oliva's hair. It looks great! Think of y'all everyday.

    Love ya

  4. Thanks for the updates, blogging is pretty cool! We hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Olivia's haircut is so cute! Ya'll are constantly in our prayers! Hope to see you soon - The Oliveaux's