Monday, May 28, 2012

A Good Night

Last night, we had a girls' night at the hospital. Liv stayed the night. Even though Elena felt bad most of the evening because of a borderline fever, it was great to be together!

We woke up this morning thankful for answered prayers!

Elena has remained fever free since last night.
She is eating and drinking.
She only got up twice last night.
Her counts are good.
The nurses only came in 6 times overnight - not 10.
The blood cultures are currently negative.

Best of all, if Elena remains fever free for the rest of the afternoon, she will be able to leave late this afternoon or early this evening!! She has a dose of IV antibiotics she needs to finish before that can happen.

We are so happy and excited at the possibility of beginning our summer together at home!
We have a whole lot we want to do between now and June 18th!

We are still waiting on bone marrow results.  We are not expecting to hear anything until tomorrow or Wednesday. Please continue to pray for clear results.

We thought we'd share an entry from a blog called Chatting at the Sky. Each week there is a post titled "For Your Weekend".  They are always meaningful and speak to our hearts.
This is from yesterday:

"May your weekend be filled with water to dip your feet in and music to fill up the morning. May you resist the urge to compare yourself to those who seem to have it easy, and may you learn the peace that comes from thankful hands in the midst of things that are hard. If the rocks insist on finding their way into your shoes, may you allow yourself a moment to snap a picture. And I hope you find enough raspberries to fit on the tips of all ten of your fingers."

So - we will start this week trying to say "It's not fair" less, giving thanks more often, and finding peace in all things.

In Him,
The Tates

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