Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pics Part I

Thursday, April 1st
Exhausted from battling a nosebleed and throwing up blood for over 18 hours.
She's a fighter! She's amazing!

Friday, April 2nd
Shooting hoops outside.
Since Elena's bleeding troubles were under control, we thought we were on the upswing ... little did we know that her liver wasn't working properly, fluid was building up inside her body, and an infection was brewing.

Saturday, April 3rd
We had just returned from having a CT scan and X-rays to figure out what was going on inside her little body.

Easter Sunday
Elena's looking at the birds outside her window.
Day 1 of being stuck in her room, day 2 of not being allowed to eat or drink.

Tuesday, April 6th
Elena's allowed to eat again!! Praise God!

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  1. Dave will be proud that she was practicing her basketball skills even while she was in the hospital! He's got some competition now!