Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just Thinking..

On this very day, six years ago, Olivia was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Two surgeries later, the most recent 22 months ago, she is an amazing child of God. Full of life, laughter, and love.

On this very day, one year ago, Elena was diagnosed with leukemia. Here we sit at CHOA, right next door to where we were last year. Elena has been and continues to be incredible. She is a fighter. She is brave. She loves God and others with all her heart.

Through this time, God has been teaching us to be patient and to trust in Him.
We have experienced the love of the Lord through the actions of others.
We have witnessed countless prayers answered.
We take pleasure in life's everyday moments.
We are blessed to have an amazing group of friends who have taken care of us.
These friends, along with our wonderful families, have been like God here on Earth to us.

Some just sit with us and comfort us without saying a word.
Some continually lift us up with cards and emails.
Some make sure our home stays clean.
Others mow the grass and finish projects around the house for us.
Some watch our girls for us to have even just an hour with each other.
Some care for one precious daughter when we have to care for the other one.
Some provide us with really yummy treats - just because.
Some simply listen.
Some have captured precious moments on film for us.
Some meet needs we didn't even know we had, until they were met.
Some are there for us, no matter the time of day or night.
Some offer their hand to hold when we need it the most.
Some have carried us when we could no longer carry ourselves.
Some remind us to laugh and laugh often.
Some help keep life "normal".
Some helped us with two different fundraisers, where thousands of dollars were raised for CURE and the Aflac Cancer Center.
Others have prayed without ceasing.
The staff at Christy's school have provided us with 100 great meals and many gift cards over the past year.
The incredible medical personnel at both CHOA and the Aflac Cancer Clinic take great care of our girls.

God has truly blessed us through it all!
He has been with us each step of the way and will continue to see us through it all.
He has given us each of you!
Thank you Lord and thank YOU!!

In Him,
The Tates

"A friend loves at all times." Proverbs 17:17


  1. What a ride through life!..So glad to hear Elena is doing well today! The pictures are beautiful! Thank you for being amazing examples of true Christians. The Lord calls us to trust and follow Him no matter what, and time after time you have done that! You are loved so much by so many, especially the King!
    Love you guys!

  2. Keeping you all in our prayers. We are lucky to have your first cousin(Jeremy Ory)as a son-in-law and I see your sweet Mom around town. Keep your faith and all things are possible.

    Your friends from Slidell, LA
    The Dale Moore Family

  3. Still praying...

    Thanks for being such bright lights. You guys are easy to love.

    The Dravi

  4. So blessed to call you our friends...
    What an awesome post today!
    HALLELUJAH!!!!!! That we all get to see the miracle of God's Mighty Healing Hands. Your lighthouse will lead many Home to the Safe Harbor that is Christ Our Savior and Risen Lord.
    Continued prayers for healing and peace.
    WE LOVE YOU!!!
    The Gundersons

  5. Going to bed, just want you to know when we say our prayers tonight, you guys will be in them.

    The Dravi

  6. Hi Tate Family! I was just thinking about Elena and came to the website. I see a lot is going on. Please know we will continue to pray for you. We may not be around close by any more, but you will always be close to our hearts! I believe God has big plans to your family. Keep seeking Him! Randy, Leah, Savannah and Molly Lee

  7. So glad Elena is doing better. At least good enough to be bouncing on her bed. (A little birdie told me.) Didn't want to impose Monday or bring in any germs I may have hanging on for dear life.

    Amazed that you guys thought of Rory while in the midst of your own trials. Thank you so very much. Once again God showed that He is in control and we are just along for the ride, so we might as well get acquainted and comfortable with the "Driver" every day.

    Many prayers and heart-filled positive thoughts coming your way tonight. Healing & Peace and that you all get to come home real soon!!!

  8. Continued prayers go out and up for all of you! We love you!

    Greg Arthur

  9. Mark and Christy, when I read the reflection of your walk with Olivia and with Elena, and the acknowledgment for God's teaching of patience and trust in Him, and how you have come to appreciate the daily joys, I thought of this quote by Joel Osteen,"Today, declare this: I’ve made up my mind I am not going to waste any of my days. I’m going to celebrate each day as a gift from God." Each of you are such warriors and examples of trust and faith in God, and are living examples of this quote. John and I value your friendship, and hold you high in our prayers. Toni Kimbrough