Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tate Update

Good Afternoon!

What a wonderful weekend we had! Olivia's party was a big success, Elena stayed healthy, and the Saints are going to the Super Bowl!! We could not have asked for anything more!!

Olivia went to the Dr. for a well visit Monday afternoon and she is growing right on schedule. We did find out that she had strep throat however, so she stayed home from school yesterday while taking an oral antibiotic. She feels much better today and is right back at it. Please pray for continued good health for Olivia as we try to limit the exposure to Elena.

While Olivia was at her visit, Elena was on the way to get her counts checked when we received a phone call from the oncology nurse telling us that counts were not needed because she was going to get all or part of her chemo on Wednesday depending on what her counts were then. Elena was very excited about the news of one less needle stick!! As it turned out, we received more good news this morning. Elena's counts were back up and she was able to get all of the chemo she needed to complete this phase of her treatment!! :-) God is so good!!

Elena will now have two weeks off before starting her next phase of treatment which is scheduled to begin on Feb. 10, depending on counts of course. This is a scheduled break to let her body recover before starting Delayed Intensification, which is the most intense phase she will go through. This will be a 56 day phase consisting of two 28 day cycles. It is hard to believe that at the conclusion of this phase Elena will have been in treatment for right around a year! Time flies and cancer stinks! Please pray for Elena to have a rehabilitating two weeks and for her body to recover as much as possible before heading into this difficult phase of treatment.

Thank you for taking the time to join us as we humbly stand in the grace of our God and are constantly awed by His love and the generosity of all that he has placed in our paths!

In Him,
The Tates

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