Thursday, January 14, 2010

Quick Update

Good Morning!

Elena had a clinic appointment yesterday. She was scheduled to be sedated and receive chemo via spine and also in her port. Her platelet count was lower than they would have liked, so she was sedated and only received chemo in her spine. She is scheduled to go back to the clinic on Friday to receive the other two chemo drugs that she did not receive yesterday. Hopefully, her platelet count will rise and she will continue with this round of treatment. Elena has been having some bouts with nausea, but other than that she is doing well. Her attitude and spirits are great!

Monday we celebrated as both girls brought home excellent report cards from the 2nd nine weeks of school. Elena had straight A's again and Liv had all A's and B's. Yahoo!! Both girls received Achievement ribbons for academic work. Liv received a Perfect Attendance ribbon and Elena received a Citizenship ribbon as well. We are so very proud of their hard work in all areas of their lives!

Friday we will be celebrating Liv's 8th birthday!!! We can't believe she will be eight!! It is true time goes by so quickly.

Please pray for Elena's platelet count to rise and for continued good health for all of us, extended time in our day wouldn't hurt either : ) We continue to praise God every day for surrounding us within the loving arms of the body of christ here on earth! Thank you for being there for us and for taking the time to check on us!

In Him,
The Tates

"I will always thank God for what he has done. I will praise his good name when his people meet." Psalms 52:9


  1. I saw Elena at school pushing her chair...she was so vibrant. She is a treasure. PS. I asked for a ride but she turned me down;)

  2. Hey Tates,
    I hear you're coming for a visit on Saturday! Ellison can't wait to meet you all! I'm unfortunately going to be in Nashville with my girlfriends. We get together once a year for the weekend and this is the weekend. I'm leaving on Saturday morning and coming home on Sunday afternoon! boohoo! I'll miss you so much! Have fun, travel safe and enjoy your trip to Aunt Linda's! I know it's been much anticipated!