Saturday, October 3, 2009

Good News

We are praising God for his grace as we end another busy week! Elena had two clinic visits with no complications and the meeting for Olivia's academic progress went very well.

Elena was back at the clinic to receive her PEG shots yesterday afternoon and did wonderful. Everything went well with no signs of a reaction and we were home by 4:30pm, before Friday traffic reached its peak! That made a big difference in Elena's attitude and the rest of the evening. She is back on the steroid for a 7 day on / 7 day off cycle for the next three weeks and they tend to make her a little moody. Mood swings are hard for all four of us! Elena's next clinic visit is on Monday.
This will be her third clinic in an 8 day period. She will receive two types of chemo in her port over about 20 minutes. Please pray that her body will be able to handle all of this chemo and that her will remains strong. Pray for patience and guidance as she continues to juggle the necessity of her treatment along with her schoolwork and the happenings of everyday life in general.

Liv's meeting at school on Wednesday went great. She has (we have) been blessed with a wonderful caring teacher! Her teacher was already doing great things in the classroom to help Liv. Our main concerns are Liv's slow processing speed and ability to shift between tasks. They are having an impact on her learning new things and her reading comprehension. Her reading fluency is also extremely slow. Please pray for Liv to be happy and do well in school and for us to have a clear picture of what the next steps are when we meet again in November. Please pray that Liv's teacher will be able to make the needed accommodations for Liv in class and document her progress without adding any stress to her own life.

We are blessed with an amazing group of people at Christy's work/the girls' school who truly love our girls (and us), pray for us, feed us three meals a week, and are there no matter the need, large or small. It makes our lives easier, more peaceful, and less stressful knowing that there are people who have contact with our girls each day who really care for them. Thankfully, God has surrounded us with many special people here on earth to help us make it through this.

Thank you for checking on us!
With much love and thankfulness,
The Tates


  1. Glad to hear that everything is going well. We think of y'all daily.

    Love ya
    Pam and Roland

  2. Prayers for a wonderful, fun filled, long weekend for all of you. May it be full of blessings and good times. Miss you. Linda

  3. Checking in on the Tate's... Thinking of you. Colleen