Friday, February 22, 2013


We are thanking God for another spectacular appointment today!!  It was amazing! 

We were in and out of the clinic in record time.
Elena received her second flu shot - a booster. 
Her counts dropped a little, but her doctor said that was not unusual since she is back on Bactrim, an antibiotic which is used to help prevent pneumonia.
Her cyclosporine taper will continue as planned. Yay!
She gets to drop one of her daily doses of magnesium. Less pills!  Woo hoo!
She is not showing any signs of GVHD, which can happen as cyclosporine (the anti-rejection drug) is tapered. Praise God!
She does not have to go back for another BMT clinic appointment for FIVE weeks!

And, perhaps the best news of all...

For the first time in seven months, Elena will be eating take out pizza tonight!!

Yes, her doctor cleared her to begin eating take out food from some restaurants!  Such a simple thing in the past, but such a luxury now.

We continue to be amazed, humbled, and in awe of God's work in our lives.  The fact that Elena is here today and doing so well is miraculous. We are thankful that He has brought us to this day and has been there every step of the way.

We thank you for your continued prayers and presence in our lives!

In Him,
The Tates

"I will give thanks to the Lord because of his righteousness; I will sing the praises of the name of the Lord Most High." Psalm 7:17


  1. It is great to see Elena's sweet smile! We are celebrating the milestones with you (even takeout pizza!!)

  2. We are celebrating with you!!! So happy for you guys!! I bet it was the best pizza ever!!

    The Kenney's

  3. Wonderful news. I love the pictures and the smiles! Love, The Hart's

  4. Hey, not that it matters, but your next appointment is on my sisters birthday! haha! Just thought you'd know! And by the way, I LOVE that outfit! You look so cute in that picture! Love,