Sunday, November 25, 2012

Giving Thanks

 Settling down tonight, thanking God for a wonderful week. Despite the waves, we have so much to be thankful for today and every day!

 A simple table full of history - one which has had four generations around it when it once sat in Tennessee. Now, it sits in our home where we gather to eat, talk, laugh, do homework, play games, celebrate birthdays, read the paper and more.
 The girls made these cute turkeys.
Thank you Mrs. Beck for all of the supplies!
 We enjoyed time outside.
 Always LOVE our hammock!

 Perhaps being unable to travel or spend any time with friends this past week would make you go stir crazy....not our girls!  They just got creative!

 The BEST way to end our week!
Going to church together for the first time since July 8th!
Elena's doctor gave her the ok to go - if we had Elena wear her mask from the time we left the house til we got back home, we sat alone in the balcony, we arrived late and left early so that Elena would not come in contact with anyone. Elena agreed and we did it! Praise be to God!
Thank you for continuing to pray for our family!
Please pray for God to be in the details as the three of us return to work and school and Elena readjusts to us not being home with her.

Closing this post with great words from Emily at "Chatting at the Sky" :
May your week be filled with the secret things of the Spirit. May your difficulties, disappointments, and deeply felt pain hold within them the chief goal of reminding you how deeply you long for God. Listen to the whisper of desire, the kind that comes from your new heart. There is no depth or height that can separate you from the love of God.
Enjoy your week, friends.


  1. what a joy to be together at home, at church and outside! glad to see you were able to enjoy this special holiday and be thankful for so much!

  2. Wonderful way to spend your day. I love you all, Rainey

  3. beautiful pictures and wonderful to see all the smiles, The Slater's

  4. Happy Thanksgiving. So good to see both girls smiling. What are the odds you'll be able to receive visitors by next March?

    Love - Uncle Wayne

  5. We were all excited to hear you had snuck into church - even if we didn't get a sighting!

    Greg Arthur

  6. Beautiful pictures. I am happy to see you all doing these fun things together again. And happy to see the girls with smiling faces. I miss you Elena!

    Love, Micah Veraart :)