Friday, December 30, 2011

More News From Russia

Mark sent another email about their Thursday in Russia. : )
We love hearing from him! Keep praying for him and the team, their safety and trouble with the time difference. Pray for Mark to be able to savor every moment!
Enjoy the update!

Good Morning and Greetings from Russia!
Sorry for the sporadic e-mail blurbs. We have wifi here but have been experiencing difficulties over the past few days. I believe that we have it worked out now, but I have to access through Paul's computer and it doesn't always work out.
Another good day yesterday! Rode the Metro around to all of our places which is an experience in and of itself. Another day of renovation work at the girls apartment followed by dinner at one of the boys apartments. Borscht (beet soup) for lunch which was excellent and ballinis (crepes) for dinner which were even better. The girls had a day off and met with the girls in their apartment for dinner and making cookies and a gingerbread manger. Saw pics, it was cool. returned home by midnight and had a team meeting and devotion until 1 am.
Off now to morning devotion and then another day of renovation work and then dinner again with the boys. We gave them all scarves last night and they were very appreciative. I think the ladies are going to try to take the girls ice skating after dinner and maybe we can join them. :-)
Love you!
Kiss the girls for me!!

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