Monday, July 25, 2011

We're Home!!

We are so very grateful for all of the prayers lifted up today on our behalf!
We are so happy to say that we are home!! Thank you Lord!!

After continuing to monitor Elena at the hospital, her nurse felt comfortable enough to send her home, even though she wasn't feeling better. We were all in agreement that it would be better to feel bad at home instead of at the hospital. So home we went!!

Elena is now resting on the couch and would like to eat some mashed potatoes later : )

Even though today did not goes as planned, we were reminded, "the Lord is near." Philippians 4:5
We can bring every worry and concern in our heart to Him.
Because He is near, we do not need to be anxious about anything.
Because He is near, we can have peace.
Because He is near, our hearts and minds can be renewed.

While fretting, reading scripture, and reminding myself that the Lord really was near, I thought of a song a dear sweet friend told me about, At Your Feet by Casting Crowns. I had it with me and quickly began to listen to it. "Here at Your feet, I lay this day down. Not in my strength, but in Yours, I've found all I need. You're all I need." As my friend reminded me, it really is the best place to be, at His feet!

Thank you for continuing to follow our journey!
With much love and thankfulness tonight,

The Tates

The necklace we gave to Elena this morning.

Happy and ready to go!
This was during the first hour : )

Really struggling, not so sure now.
The quick turn of events and sudden fast pace of it all
really threw us for a loop!

Liv eating a slushie, patiently waiting for Elena to wake up.
Little did we know what the next hours would bring.

Not feeling too good

Love this one!
The ice pack wouldn't stay up without someone holding it.

The girls on the way home.
My view from the front seat....I felt the same way!

Treats were waiting for us both inside the house and out!
Here's the outside treat!


  1. I love that necklace;) it's really awesome;)

  2. I had been checking the blog and I am so glad that she is home!!
    Give her our love!!

  3. Hi! It's Coco! So glad Elaina's doing well! Much love!