Monday, February 28, 2011

We're Home!

Thank you for your prayers! They worked! Praise the Lord!

Elena's ER admission and dismissal were quick.
Round trip, including the drive, we were only gone four hours. Her counts are good and the doctors and nurses were great. They think whatever Elena has is something viral.

I just tucked her in her own bed. : )
Her head and throat still hurt, but right now she is fever free.

We are thankful we are home and have the peace of mind knowing her body is strong enough right now to fight whatever is going on.

As we were waiting to check in, there was another cancer patient in front of us. He also had a fever. Sweet little William. As we were leaving, we saw William again. He wasn't leaving, he was headed to the Aflac cancer floor. His counts were not good. He and his mom will be staying at Scottish Rite until his counts recover.

This was only our fourth visit to the ER due to fever. It is another part of dealing with this dreadful disease. We are so thankful to be home and we will be praying for William and his family as we go to bed.

In Him,
The Tates


  1. Feel better soon, Elena! We missed you today!
    -Ms. M

  2. Read the blog last night right before going to bed and definitely had yall in our prayers! Happy to know He heard our prayers and that it was a short visit! Will continue to pray that Elena heals quickly and that her body stays strong to fight whatever this is.