Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Olivia!

Olivia turned NINE on Saturday, January 15th.
It is hard to believe that nine years ago our family grew from three to four!

With Liv's arrival, we had another precious red head to love.
She has brought us such joy and laughter in her nine years.

Her carefree love of life itself reminds us to stop and take it all in.
Her smile lights up a room.
Her heart is filled with love for others.
Her giggle is contagious.
She still loves to snuggle.
She likes to shop, always has.
She loves her scooter, not ready for a bike.
She has LOVED gum since she was two.
The beach and being outside have always been two of her favorite places.
She's been wearing flip flops since she could walk.
She's simply wonderful!

Enjoy her birthday pics!

A birthday tradition for our family is that
the birthday girl gets to enjoy breakfast in bed.
Somehow the breakfast tradition became
mini-powdered sugar donuts and a fruit smoothie.
Here's Liv lovin' the whipped cream on top of her smoothie.
(Yes, the birthday crown is a tradition, too.)

Opening presents after breakfast....this is her new comforter.
For her present from us this year,
Liv wanted a "room makeover".
Complete with new bedding, paint, and curtains.
We'll be sure to post pictures of the completed project.

After breakfast, we all headed out for shopping,
a movie, more shopping and dinner.
A birthday girl's perfect day!
Here's Liv posing at Charming Charlie with
the new scarf and bag she bought with gift cards.

While at Target buying new throw
pillows for Liv's bed, the girls wanted to go look at the toys.
Here they are sword fighting in the aisles!

It was a FABULOUS day enjoyed by all!!
We thank God every day for Liv and the joy she brings to our lives!

In HIm.
The Tates

PS Snow week pictures coming soon!

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  1. Hello there! I am Ana Marshall, Gabby's mom :) we met last night at the Peter Pan 360 show. It was very nice talking to you guys and sharing your experiences a little bit. What precious girls you have and what a wonderful family you have.

    I hope that the Lord continues showing his mercy and grace and that this year is filled with many of His blessings for you and your family.