Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Dressing Up for Halloween

Who doesn't LOVE dressing up for Halloween and going trick or treating? Our girls certainly do! This year was our first year outside the realm of princesses, garden fairies, and cheerleaders. The girls wanted to be VAMPIRES! With the help of our wonderful sitter, Mrs. Cyndi, she transformed the girls into super vampires. She did an amazing job on their hair, makeup and accessories. (Yes, Liv has a snake necklace on!)

Mrs. Cyndi is another blessing in our lives. While I was working part-time, she kept either Elena, Olivia, or both girls, for a total of about five years. Now, once again she is keeping Elena. Elena goes to Mrs. Cyndi's each morning before getting on the bus. She loves helping with the babies and toddlers.

Enjoy the Halloween pics!

Bonus pictures!
Mrs. Cyndi's daughter, Lauren, transformed Elena into a vampire the weekend before Halloween. Elena had been invited to a costume party. She won first place!! : )
Check out the skeleton earring!

For book character dress-up day at school, Liv went as ....... Junie B. Jones.
FYI-She wore those glasses (no lenses) at home all day today! : )


  1. Wow!! The costumes were great! So glad you had a Happy Halloween! Kriston

  2. How cute!!!!! So much fun :) I just love Elena's hair, it is looking beautiful. Hope all is well!

  3. LOVE the Pics!! The girls looked great. Hope everything is going well y'all's way Love ya Pam