Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tuesday Clinic Update

Both girls had wonderful visits at the clinic on Tuesday. Elena's counts were good and she is scheduled to start her next phase of treatment, Delayed Intensification, on Monday, Sept. 28th provided her ANC remains above 750. It was at 790 on Tuesday and will be checked again Thursday afternoon. Elena has not had any treatment during the past 10 days and has been doing great! She still gets tired every now and then, but hasn't really slowed down. She was just over at the neighbor's house with Olivia playing with friends and catching snakes~~. Olivia received good news from all of her neuro doctors...oncologist, psychologist, and surgeon. They were all pleased with the results of the MRI and with her progress socially and physically. Her next scheduled MRI will be in June 2010. We also discussed her weaknesses in learning and how to best help her succeed in school. We will be having a formal meeting at school next week to put a clear plan in place.

Please pray for Elena's counts and spirits to remain high as we gear up for a more intense round of treatment. Please pray for Olivia's meeting at school to go well and for her to not feel frustrated with school struggles. Big praises for all of the doctors, nurses and staff at CHOA and the Aflac Cancer Center. They are an amazing group of people who truly care about children and their progress.

Since both girls had appointments on the same day, they presented the money they have raised from the lemonade stand to Aflac. Karen, one of our wonderful Child Life Specialists, accepted the check. The girls are proud of their hard work and are so very thankful to everyone who donated money to help kids with cancer. It has been amazing to watch one small idea blossom into a project that has touched many lives.
The donation grand total was $2,579.74

Thank you for your continued prayers and support! We are indeed blessed!
With much love,
The Tates

"For He will command His angels concerning you, to guard you in all your ways." Psalm 91:11


  1. I'm so excited to hear the good news! Praise God! You guys are such a blessing ! I am not one bit amazed that you raised that money, you did it with a giving heart and with others in mind! I knew the Lord would bless you guys for being faithful! I'll be praying for next week! Cannot wait to see you guys! I will be home soon!


  2. That is wonderful news. The girls raised a lot of money. I know that they are proud of them selfs as well as y'all of them. I will keep on praying for y'all. There are a lot of people out their praying for Elena. I have her on three church prayer list and of course on all my friends list. We love you,